Back rent

Back rent

Mr Paul is considering buying an apartment in the Pueblo Checo apartment complex for 60,000 USD. His idea was to have the apartment somewhere in a warm destination where he can fly once per year for one or two months and enjoy his holiday. He did not want to buy an apartment, which would lose his value. Pueblo Checo helped him to find the apartment which is part of a Czech village, and during the period in which Mr. Pavel is in the Czech Republic, his apartment is rented to other people who come here for a holiday. For Mr. Pavel it means that he has a place which he can whenever visit, and at the same time this investment brings him a profit of 10% a year. Thus in 10 years, he will have his investment back, and apartment in the Dominican Republic, whose value will increase.

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Mrs. Helena was interested in buying property in the Dominican Republic. We helped her to find the property to her requirements and we negotiated a better price directly with the owner of the house. The price was very suitable for such a property. The basic price of the property was 250,000 USD, after the negotiation the price was 205,000 USD. Mrs. Helena, however, asked another real estate office to help her. The real estate office found the house, exactly according to her imagination, which cost only $ 180,000. However, after 4 months, Mrs. Helena wrote us an e-mail that the real estate agency sold her the house which she wanted, but did not mention the fact that the house is located in a swampy area and in any mild rainfall there is a meter of water in the house. After consulting this case with our lawyers, we found out that the real value of the house located in this area is only around $ 90,000. Mrs. Helena understood that the real estate agency do not think about the welfare of the client, but only about the profit.
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Thanks to quality and proven informations and an excellent team of lawyers, we are able to find and obtain the property from people for whom the sale of the property is advantageous in the current situation. Often up to 30% cheaper.

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