La Romana, Altos de Chavón and Isla Catalina

La Romana, Altos de Chavón and Isla Catalina

La Romana, Altos de Chavón and Isla Catalina

La Romana

La Romana is located on the southeast coast – east of Santo Domingo and directly across from Catalina. It is the third largest city of the Dominican Republic and belong to one of the most popular tourist destinations, not only because of the beautiful beaches, but also thanks to the local industrial areas – the cane processing and cigarette production.

In 1999, the airport was opened here, and a local port was also reconstructed to be able to allow anchoring of large ocean ships. Thanks to that of course the tourism in this area has grown. The positive fact is that this giant renovation has contributed to the reduction of unemployment, which is now almost zero.

In La Romana you will find the luxurious touristic complex – Casa de Campo which is one of the best in the Caribbean. World-famous architect Pete Dye has created three golf courses, which belong to the most challenging ones. In addition to the complex you will find horse stables, tennis courts, swimming pools and also a shooting range. This complex has been ranked among the ten most beautiful residential complexes in the world and is often the destination of famous personalities.

The main beach – El Mortero is about 3 km long and features a gradual entry into the azure sea.

Nearby La Romana The Teeth of the Dog, which is considered as a top of the Caribbean golf courses and one of the top 50 golf courses in the world is located.

Altos de Chavón

It is an artificially created colony in the style of the 16th century. Altos de Chevón was built from coral limestone only in the 70s of the last century. There is also a museum and amphitheater where many artists, such as Julio Iglesias, performed. The museum is dedicated mainly to the Indian culture of Taino tribe. The whole village is built on a hill and has a beautiful view of Rio Chavón.

As in any city, there are also shops, boutiques and restaurants that do not belong within the cheapest. There are many restaurants where European chefs serve international cuisine.

Nearby Altos de Chavón the Casa de Campo – the 5-star hotel complex which is one of the largest in the Caribbean is located. It is ranked among the 10 largest hotels in the world.

The hotel has more than 10 swimming pools, a playground, several tennis courts, and 3 golf courses.

Casa De Campo provide beautiful view to Isla Catalina.

Isla Catalina

Isla Ctalina is the ideal place for diving enthusiasts, snorkeling and exploring the undersea world.

In the 15th century, the island was often used by pirates waiting for Spanish ships sailing from and to Santo Domingo. Nowadays you can enjoy beautiful underwater world with coral reefs, or head to see a steep cliff called the “Wall”.


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